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Who we are

Cassandra Investments is an investment partnership founded by the managers Emanuele Charalambis and Riccardo Donadel, and sponsored by seasoned Italian and international institutional investors, entrepreneurs and executives.

Our objective is to acquire, actively manage, expand and integrate one or more synergic and high-potential Italian small-medium enterprises, aiming to form a multi-national industrial group. After the completion of the acquisition, we will assume CEO positions and, actively supported by our sponsors, we will drive strategic initiatives on expansion, M&A, and re-organization to consolidate an integrated and competitive group.

We position ourselves as a bridge between private equity and entrepreneurship, proposing an alternative, entrepreneurial and tailored solution for the generational transition, professionalization, and consolidation of Italian family businesses.

What we are looking for

We aim to acquire one or more synergic and high potential SMEs with the following characteristics:

Strong positioning in its market  / niche, with clear and sustainable competitive advantages

Solid and proven business model

Clear growth opportunities via internationalization, digitization, and consolidation

Our added value


Our approach is industrial and not financial. This allows us maximum flexibility and to dedicate 100% of our resources on the active and exclusive management of your business

Focus on growth

We are not traditional funds or competitors, but entrepreneurs and managers. We are dedicated to empower your company and to accelerate its growth trajectory


We will assume full-time CEO positions to manage first hand the expansion, integration and optimization of the business under a truly entrepreneurial approach


Actively supported by our sponsors, among the most successful investors, entrepreneurs and managers, we bring synergic skills, resources, and network to professionalize and scale your business


We have assisted in Italy and abroad top management and entrepreneurs in the definition and execution of strategic initiatives across M&A, internationalization, relaunch and corporate restructuring


Emanuele Charalambis

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Before co-founding Cassandra Investments, Emanuele worked in strategic consulting in Dubai, holding managerial positions and leading expansion, transformation, investments, and integration projects for major industrial groups, private equity funds, and tech players. Emanuele graduated with full marks in Computer Engineering and obtained an MBA from IESE Business School.

Our sponsors

Cassandra Investments' Management Team is sponsored by Italian and international seasoned investors, entrepreneurs, and managers with decades of successful experiences and the ability to actively participate in value creation


Jan Simon

Visiting Professor at the world's top business schools, Jan matured over 20 years of experience in Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and Salomon Brothers, and he is now Co-Founder & Partner at Vonzeo Capital, a global Search Funds investor


You can contact us directly by email or by completing the form on the side. We will come back at you as soon as possible in a strictly confidential manner.

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